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British Columbia Photography Trip: Part II

I thought it was great to get a room overlooking the harbor & adjacent to the B&B’s dining room. That’s until I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. by other guests conversing over a very early breakfast. Lesson learned: wear earplugs!

My breakfast at 7 a.m. consisted of great food accompanied by views of bald eagles soaring over & perching on the boats right outside the dining room’s picture windows. What a glorious sight!

After breakfast Shane (our workshop leader), Dave (Shane’s friend), Roberta (AZ Highways Photoscapes Exec Director), & I went out to scout for shooting locations to use for outings over the next couple of days.

We drove to Port Edwards & Terrace, British Columbia viewing & photographing bald eagles, snow capped mountains, historic canneries, & a beautiful, fairy-like area of the Skeena River, consisting of many tree stumps verdant with new, green growth.

If only the weather would be drier & a bit warmer - on this 50 degree day it rained off & on all day. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise since this area is a temperate rainforest getting in excess of 100 inches of rain annually! Seeing all this rain & resultant verdant vegetation is awesome after traveling from home in Phoenix where it was 110 degrees & had only received less than inch in rain so far this year. From bone dry to soaking wet! The day ended with dinner accompanied by my 6 workshop companions & the leaders.


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